Dear Parents and Guardians,

The “My Just Right Number” booklet is designed to be a resource for you and your child.  The booklet includes student goals, instructions and illustrations, and a progress graph for each game-based activity.  Videos of the games are embedded in QR Codes.  Your child will use their “Just Right Number” with each of the number sense activities.  See below for a definition of a “Just Right Number.”   The game boards and recording sheets will be sent home as your child learns to play the games.  These game-based activities are designed to deepen your child’s number sense and mathematical thinking. The games played can be played with or without a partner.  When your child has mastered 2 or 3 numbers, alternate those numbers in the games for review.  Your child will become a “Jenks East Mathematician” when he or she masters the number ‘10’. 

Download additional games, game boards, and recording sheets at my website:  

Please contact me if you have questions or comments.

Mrs. Hildebrand

Letter to Parents and Guardians